Theresa Tolan did the beautiful line art on our cover.
The Firelight was made by Mark Berschet.
Gretchen Atkinson designed the cover.

Here is our latest recording, Songs Without End.


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This collection of songs is dedicated to all people who gather to sing in Spirit-centered circles. Many of these songs have been handed down by word of mouth in Shamanic circles. It is with great reverence to that unending oral tradition that we offer this CD as a way to pass on these songs from our circle to your circle. We thank Spirit in all forms - teachers, guides, and power animals - for the transmission of these melodies, harmonies and words.

May you walk in beauty on your journey.

To order this CD please send $14.00 (US Funds) to one of the following:

Women With Wings
C/O Resonant Results, Ltd.
P.O. Box 51
Cottage Grove, WI 53527-0051
(Make check to Resonant Results)
Women With Wings
C/O Gretchen Atkinson
3114 Lakeland Avenue
Madison, WI 53714
(Make check to Gretchen Atkinson)

Tax and Shipping is Included.

About Us

In 1986 a group of women affiliated with the Madison Sufi Order started singing together once a week with the object of sharing spirit based songs together. We have continued this concentration through various member changes since that time. Our singing together is part of our spiritual practice. Women With Wings is what we call ourselves with we sing in public and sing for others. We are all involved with the Madison Sufi Order. We sing together every Monday night. We host an open sing from time to time and invite members of the community to sing with us. We are also part of Songs of the Soul, a seasonal celebration of spirit held at the solstices and equinoxes.

Not Pictured - Theresa Tolan

We Pray, Sing and Meditate together and we are fully engaged in Life. Find our more about us by going to:

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